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Bottle Pets are baby's first pet—a playful and cuddly twist to bottle-feeding that not only helps infants learn to hold the bottle but also eases the transition to and from bottle-feeding, assisting in the development of early hand-eye coordination skills. For this unique product, a complete rebranding and redesign of its packaging was needed. The previous design failed to accurately represent the product, lacked a clear information hierarchy, and did not align with the company's goals or the fun and engaging nature of the products.

Three color variations of the Bottle Pets logo.

The Bottle Pets logo in color, color block, and black and white.

Line drawings of an elephant, dog, cat, and other animals.

Animal and leaf design elements were used as textures for package wrapping and other marketing materials.

A Bottle Pet plushing with the logo embroidered on its foot.

Logos were designed in a way that allowed them to be easily embroidered on the product.

A mockup showing the Bottle Pets package design with the product attached.

The product packaging incorporated the animal and leaf design patterns, creating a playful and consistent visual language.

The animal and leaf line art pattern used in the Bottle Pets packaging.

A pattern made with the animal and leaf icon set that was used in packaging and other marketing materials.